Senate Bill No. 318: Tulong Aral sa Empleyado ng Gobyerno Act

Senate Bill No. 318: Tulong Aral sa Empleyado ng Gobyerno Act An act institutionalizing a comprehensive program of government education/scholarship grants to deserving national and local government employees, providing funds therefor and for other purposes

Senate Bill No. 317: Pawnbroking Regulation Act

An act regulating pawnshop establishments and operations

Senate Bill No. 316 : Credit Card Fraud Act

An act penalizing credit card fraud and providing penalties therefor

Senate Bill No. 315: Ceiling on Interest and Surges Imposed by Credit Card Companies

An Act providing protection to credit card holders by setting a ceiling on interest rates and surcharges and prohibiting hidden penalties or costs imposed by banks and similar financial institutions on purchases and cash advances made through credit facility

Senate Bill No. 314: Pesticide Food Safety Act

An act to regulate Pesticide Chemical Residues in food filed

Senate Bill No. 313: Hydrophonics Agriculture

An act promoting Hydroponics Agriculture as an instrument to solve problems of food security and as a mechanism of wise use of scarce land resources

Senate Bill No. 311: Philippine Onion Research Institute

An Act Creating The Philippine Onion Research Institute, Prescribing Its Powers, Functions And Duties And Providing For The Necessary Funds For Its Operation

Senate Bill No. 310: Livestock Development and Indemnification

An Act Providing Indemnification For Owners Whose Livestock Are Affected By Highly Communicable Diseases, Amending For The Purpose Presidential Decree No. 914, Entitled An Act Creating The Livestock Development Council, Defining Its Powers And Functions And Providing Funds Therefor, And Appropriating Funds Therefor

Senate Bill No.138 : Philippine Corals and Marine Treasures

An Act To Further Protect Philippine Corals And Other Marine Treasures, Amending For The Purpose Of Sections 91 And 97 Of Republic Act No. 8550, Otherwise Known As The Philippine Fisheries Code Of 1998 Filed on July 1, 2013.

Senate Bill No. 34: Accelerated Irrigation Act

An act to promote Rural Development By Providing For A Six-Year Accelerated Irrigation Program For The Construction And Rehabilitation Of Irrigation Projects And For Other Purposes